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tv   Today  NBC  July 26, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television and it is a gorgeous winesday wednesday in new york. it is july 25th. we're the only people left pretty much. >> we're in charge. >> which is scary. >> we're trashing the joint. nobody's here! >> the olympics are so fun to watch.
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and it's all the pregame right now. . >> and the weather! so glad the weather is good. >> you know what's more beautiful than the weather? >> matt lauer! we're in love. >> he was on the screen with a tan jacket on -- look. excuse us, for a second, let's live here. >> we had to clean up the drool. >> it was all over. >> all over hoda. >> i love that look on matt. don't you think he should do that all the time? >> all the time. right off the yacht look. >> and that tan on him. >> he's looking good. >> he looks great today, too. anyway, the opening ceremonies are two days ago. matt will host it with meredith. it must be weird for the two of them. >> because they know what's going to happen. >> it's a big secret for the rest of us. i'm excited for friday to see. are you excited for us on friday? >> no, i'm not. i tell you what, i saw what we're going to wear. oh, my gosh. >> tomorrow, we're doing our show on the plaza. friday.
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we're doing an olympic-themed show. >> we need you guys to show up for us, please. >> it would be humiliating if we go outside. >> if we do our olympic stuff with nobody cheering us on in the ugliest track suits you've ever seen. >> they are hideous. like the old-fashioned from the '80s. >> jane lynch. >> and pull them up. >> never will we be more attractive than friday morning. come see us. we'd love it. you are actually then going to the olympics. >> i heard that. >> your public demands it. >> we're doing a story. not sure what it will be. people are writing in with all kinds of ideas. >> see that? you're not going to look that good friday. lots of humidity, your hair won't be good. you'll be in the ugliest track suit ever. it will be fun. >> some people say maybe i should go to the gymnastics competition. i don't think that will be happening. >> why? >> i think it's later. >> while you're there.
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>> kathleen thinks you need to have high tea, preferably with the queen. >> okay. >> i did make a phone call for you the other day. >> and what came of it? >> i happen to know one member of the royal family. >> henry? >> spent a few days with him in scotland, if you know what i mean, and fell in love with eden burrow. prince edward is best friends with my longtime agent, sam haskell and we all went to scotland for three days and they were with us. so i called sam to see if he could set up -- they're very busy. no, not going to happen. >> constance says i should check out the u.s. synchronized swim team. that's always fun to watch. >> they make it look easy. we shall see. tonight jimmy fallon has his own primetime music special. >> he is fun. you guys have seen him. he sings tv theme songs, sketches from different tv theme
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songs and it's been a hit and he said, why don't we make it into a prime-time special. i think we have one of those. let's see what it is. >> ladies and gentlemen, bob dylan! ♪ charles in charge of our days and our nights ♪ ♪ charles in charge of our wrongs and our rights ♪ charles in charge of our wrongs and our rights ♪ ♪ i want charles in charge of me ♪ >> brilliant brilliant idea. i don't know why they haven't thought about a prime-time special called "everyone has a story" because we have 40 of those! unusual how they scream like that when they're in london. nobody hears. >> we have a nice group sitting with our news team today. >> they must be nice, gave birth to a really nice girl.
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>> these are joanne la mark ka, our senior producer, her mom and dad are in the studio. and we're wondering, who gave birth to joanne. if you could see what's happening, she's saying to them, wave, mom and dad. here they go, they listen to what she says. >> joanne has been doing an awesome, awesome job for us as our producer tammy has been on maternity leave with her second baby. she'll be coming back next week. we're not losing joanne or her parents, things will change for a little while. >> demi moore has a little bit of news today, doesn't she? it's hard to know what to believe. the papers said -- >> yesterday she was in a terrible depression. >> today, according to "life and style" magazine, she's been secretly dating a new zealand born actor who is 12 years her junior. >> which is progress, right? how much was the difference
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between her and ashton? >> i don't know. >> quite a bit more. well, he's very cute. >> cute. they have been seen hanging out, martin henderson, an australian tv star. he was in the britney movie called "toxic." >> i love my husband. if anything did happen, i think next time, i would go young and australian. i mean, i'm not planning on it, but why not? >> you know who's here, curtis. >> i wasn't thinking of curtis. curtis is so taken. i was just saying, now my husband is watching, i'm going to kill her. honey, it's a little joke. maybe i'll go after bruce jenner, my longtime friend because he's been having marital problems with kris, according to their show. >> look at that. can he hear us? >> probably not. >> i don't think he can hear us. can he? >> frank, i'm bringing bruce home! okay, great. >> i want to just say a quick note. a lot of people are writing and
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asking about jay. i've talked about jay on our program before. it was a great, beautiful terrific relationship, even great relationships sometimes don't last forever. this was a great relationship i enjoyed very much while it was on. so now we move forward. but thank you for asking. >> i do want to say thank you to him because yesterday i came home and there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me on the announcement of "scandalous" going to broadway. >> and that's when you say, but you didn't get me flowers. >> jay did. anyway, sweetie, we all have those things think being, this is it, this is it, then for whatever reason -- it's nobody's fault ever. it's just that it -- it's life. >> it is. >> okay, on that note, let's talk about dating older women. this is these are the cities where most cougars are on the prowl.
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>> sydney, australia is number three. >> it's number 3. >> crazy! >> number 2 is houston, texas. one is sydney, australia and the other is melbourne. >> number 1 is melbourne. >> what are they talking about? what are they doing there? >> i don't know. >> the other top two cities are chicago, l.a., australia, brooklyn, new york and atlanta. that's where the cougars are trolling. >> i think it's because of that guy on the mentalist. what's his name, simon baker? >> i love him. >> so adorable. i think i'll go to australia and get me one of those. i'll take three. >> here's a little surprising news. "america's got talent" is a big big show on nbc. it's going along swimmingly and suddenly there was a tweet. >> a strange tweet from sharon osbourne. >> she wrote this, my darling, howard stern, money is not the reason i'm not returning to nbcagt, which is "america's got talent." it is because... >> now oh, robert greenblatt
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said this caught nbc off guard. the producer said we don't know what's going on and it may be much ado about nothing. >> twitter is weird. people are saying what they want with no publicist and nothing. >> i think it's a need to control things. so much in our life is not controllable. the one thing you can control is your own message. sometimes people tweet before they think, they don't think it through. maybe she sincerely wants to leave the show, which leaves an opening for aretha. ♪ r-e-s-p-e-c-t >> or -- >> i would fit perfectly between howie, my old dear friend and howard stern. come on! >> it's made. >> by the way, we did reach out to nbc in our own building. >> no comment. they're all in london. >> they're busy. >> you're going love this. every now and then there is a great animal story. this is a great one. there is a singing walrus in a
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zoo in washington. >> his name is e.t. >> he's like the star attraction. just watch what this guy can do. [ loud noises ] >> what was that? i want to hear the other one. >> she says words and he knows the sound. that looks like an old man. doesn't it remind you of an old man? >> yes. i had an uncle that looked just like that. >> that was very cold. >> where do you go, tacoma, washington, for that? >> tacoma. can we talk about our facebook likes. >> shamelessly, again.
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>> we know it's gross. >> no one's watching. >> everyone's watching the olympics. let's talk about how many people are liking us. >> what's going on? >> we had 388,976. that's where we started. now what do we have? >> we're up to 439,000. >> wow! >> we were jumping like crazy during yesterday's show. >> because we were shamelessly begging people to like us. >> it's sad. >> it's cheaper than therapy. >> i think the central time zone had the most empathy for you guys. that launched. it's those midwesterners. >> we want to thank debbie from east jordan, michigan, said, i wish i could like you more than once because i like you every day. >> and chase from new lebanon, i just like wine so i love them. >> and from huo, why is there not a love button on facebook and we left out the other ones that weren't as kind. >> and you know who you are.
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>> all righty, we are keeping up with the olympics, people. wait a minute. because it's winesday wednesday, this is from the finger lakes. why did i not want to say that? it just didn't sound like something you could say on television. >> but you did, and there you have it. we're keeping up with the kardashians. olympic gold medalist bruce jenner sits down with us. >> even though he's going home with me to say hello to frank. >> what is he eating? [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] introducing zzzquil sleep-aid. [ snoring ] [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] it's not for colds, it's not for pain, it's just for sleep. [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] because sleep is a beautiful thing. [ birds chirping ] introducing zzzquil, the non-habit forming sleep-aid from the makers of nyquil. ♪ the non-habit forming sleep-aid from the makers of nyquil. another cup of coffee? how long is this one going to last?
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[ ball hitting paddle ] [ orbit girl ] don't let food hang around. yeah! [ orbit trumpet ] clean it up with orbit! [ orbit glint ] fabulous! for a good clean feeling. try new orbit micro packs. bruce jenner brought home the gold, baby, at the 1976 olympics. look at that! >> the decathlon champ. >> on the front of the wheaties box. >> yes, i did.
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>> only kris can get those kinds of deals. you co-hosted with hoda. >> i did. >> and he's on the reality series "keeping up with the kardashians." >> can i start something? is this your last week? >> what? >> is this your last week on the show? >> for good? >> i was just wondering because, should we make the announcement now that i'm going to replace her and the two of us are going to do the show together. >> what the heck is wrong with you? >> you and i? hasn't that been your fantasy all these years, us working together? >> oh, my god! >> how long have we known each other? 30 years? 30 years and we've never worked together. >> never? >> we've done things a little bit but we never actually worked together. >> sometimes being with you when you've had a few is a lot of work. >> now you're talking to kris again. >> so you're heading to the olympics. >> yes, i leave right after this. >> tell us what you're going to be doing out there. >> comcast, the parent company of e!
2:21 am
and nbc, and now everybody is under the same umbrella. we all work for comcast. about six months ago, e! called and said they will have a presence and send somebody over to cover the fun side of the games. they called and said, bruce, will you go? >> you're the only one in the e! family that's won a gold medal. >> it's kind of politically the correct thing to do. >> back then it sounded good. now you would rather be playing golf, wouldn't you? >> i'd rather be on a golf course. >> what are you going to do on the fun side? >> from the celebrities to interviewing the athletes, we will have the studio next to nbc so we'll get the athletes after they're done. fun stuff going on in london, you know, kind of the night life. all the fun stuff, too. >> when you watch the events, do you long for it again? >> no. >> really? >> honestly i don't. i was so happy, i had my day. >> yeah. >> and i'm very satisfied with that. when i walked away, i kept thinking to myself, i am the luckiest guy in the world, not only because i was walking away, but because i was totally satisfied with everything that i've ever -- there was nothing left that i hadn't done. i had the world record three
2:22 am
times, i got the gold medal. i did everything in my sport you can do. >> that was settled in your soul. >> so in my soul i had accomplished everything i could possibly accomplish. >> isn't the hard part you get to the pinnacle, you're still young, what do i do now while you're still young? in your wildest dreams did you think you would have a reality series with the craziest family on the planet? >> no. but i started doing reality tv 36 years ago. >> what do you mean? >> first show i ever did. >> what? >> "battle of the network stars." pepperdine university. me and howard cosell. that's reality television. all the networks and putting all their stars. >> you also did, "i'm a celebrity get me the hell out of here." >> i've been doing this stuff. >> speaking of reality, what's going on with kris? the wheels are falling off, things are horrible.
2:23 am
what's going on? >> it's wonderful. isn't that what i'm supposed to say? it's wonderful. no, we've bnl together for been 21 years. i watched it, was it two weeks ago i watched it. i'm like a stickler on everybody being on time. i'm in boston with khloe and kris and they're like being late, you know. punctuality is very important. and they ran that and i look like the bad guy. >> what we read about yesterday you're saying khloe wants to sleep with robert. that was weird. why did you say that? >> i don't know. >> maybe you need to get off the road and whip that family into shape. >> honestly, when the cameras are there all the time, they will find something. >> are my god-daughters off the stripper pole yet? >> actually, they're doing extraordinarily well.
2:24 am
>> birthday coming up for kiley. >> i will not be there for it. i'm sorry, kiley, i will not be there for your birthday. >> you can catch bruce jenner's coverage at noon week nights and 7:00 and 11:30 on e! sarah is here with those quirky off-the-wall photos that make you say, what the what? eep. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur.
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free for six months. upgrade to fios. no annual contract means now there's no reason to wait. call 1.888.get.fios. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities welcome to life on fios. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. ♪ freeze frame its time to take a look at all those photos that make you stop and say what the what? >> our sarah sorted through every submission and there were thousands to find the photo that would give you the best chuckle. >> thousands? >> what are they? >> the dramatic video keys it up for me to take the fall. the first video is from columbus, ohio. check that out, 100% beef made
2:29 am
with all white meat chicken. >> that is what the what? >> full disclosure in case you were wondering. next is tony from california who submitted this photo. this story really knows how to celebrate special occasion toilet paper. a little potty party. >> pity party. >> the third photo is from beverly from temple, texas. in most stores that aisle would read baby wipes but it says butt wipes. clearly we weren't picking our great words. >> right next to the trash bags and baby food. what the what? >> they're telling it like it is. >> these are side splitting. side splittin inting what's the one? >> more toilet humor. >> it's for 12 assorted flavors,
2:30 am
see that? bath tissue, 12 assorted flavors for those who take it in the other end. can i say that? if you eat it. >> no, we get it. >> this show is in the toilet. >> you want to see the next one, hoda? >> i don't. >> from sherman, texas, a bean burrito only 79 cents, the cheapest gas in town. >> clever. >> muchos mi casa. thank you, sara! you need a summer project, we'll show you how to turn worn-out house hold items into something useful.
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we are back with more today on this winesday wednesday. we're ready to play our weekly trivia game called "who knew."
2:33 am
the opening ceremony for the olympics is this friday. so to get us ready, we're going to test our knowledge on everything olympic related. of course kathie lee is across the street ready to hand out 100 bucks to those who get the questions right and to ones who don't, those lucky ones get a copy of kathie lee's cd. here to sort out the facts is our friend and sportscaster and author glenn brooks. how many books? >> my seventh one is coming out this fall. >> let's go across to kath. you are from atlanta, georgia, right? what olympic event once involved animals other than horses. bull fighting, pigeon shooting, greased pig competition or greyhound racing? you can smell that cd, can't you? >> i can. >> bull fighting. >> no. good, she gets her cd.
2:34 am
>> eleven berman, the correct answer is pigeon shooting? >> in 1900 in paris, live pigeon shooting. they decided never to do it again because they thought it got a little messy. can you imagine your olympic job, you finally get to work the olympics and your job is to clean the venue? >> oh, god. back across to kath. >> from nova scotia. who knew? which is the only country to win at least one gold medal at every summer olympics? these are hard, isn't it, great britain, the u.s., greece or china? >> the u.s. >> good day for me. >> the correct answer there, great britain. >> the u.s. boycotted moscow. >> oh, right, right. >> that was the trick there. britain won five gold medals at those lolympics in '87. >> how do you think they will do at the summer games? >> they will do well. the home country usually has an added boost. >> where did you say you're from? >> gainesville, florida. >> how old was the youngest person to ever win an olympic medal in an individual event? 12, 14, 15 or 16?
2:35 am
>> i will go with 12. >> yeah! 12? 12 years old. what was the sport? >> it was swimming. her name was inga sorenson from denmark in 1936. they have no age restrictions in swimming, unlike gymnastics. >> yeah, right. >> you have to be 16 unless you're chinese. they have those rules there. >> back across to kath. >> hoda, i've got trouble here. he's from chicago and he wants to meet you and i told him no. what will be the penalty for streaking -- you would be the kind that would do it -- at the 2012 olympics in london? 30 days in jail. banishment from the games. a fine of 20,000 pounds, which is over $31,000, if you're thinking about it, and charged with trespassing. >> i will go with the money, c. >> i think that's right. >> he's saying c, right? yeah! here's your money. >> why is it so much? >> why on earth is it so much?
2:36 am
>> because streakers often put advertising on their bodies and the olympics people don't want any ambush marketing. >> are you lying? >> yes. no, they're very strict about ambush marketing. >> sot streaking -- >> they don't care about the naked parts, they care about the signs. >> from augusta, georgia, on the olympic flag, why are the olympic rings black, blue, green, black and yellow? because the colors look nice together or there is no symbolism or one of the colors is on every flag in the world or the greeks picked these colors at the first games? >> i will say c. >> you are going to be right! >> go, girl! >> i like the dance. more dancing. more dancing. >> one for every color on the flag. >> and five rings because the five continents are together joined for the games. >> you know everything. back across the street to kath. >> who has won the most medals at the olympics. michael phelps, carl lewis, larissa or jenny thompson?
2:37 am
>> michael phelps. . >> nope. no, no. that's okay. it's a lovely cd. the correct answer. i don't know if i'm ignorant for not having heard of her. larissa latinya. who is she? >> a longtime gymnast for the soviet union. that contestant should come back in a three weeks. if michael phelps wins three medals of any color, he will be there. where are the drinks? >> i'm sorry. coming up, how to make household items into functional furnishings, right after this. unveiled their bar, wx the tension between them reached a breaking point, literally. so they divided the production between two separate factories. each factory took a vastly different approach. left twix flowed caramel on cookie, while right twix cascaded caramel on cookie. left twix bathed in chocolate, while right twix cloaked in chocolate. both bars as different as the vastly distinct men who invented them.
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now on "today's home," we're making something out of nothing. >> you've got odds and ends hanging around your house you can't bear to part with, there's a chance you can put those to actual good use. >> celebrity designer and author
2:42 am
of "dirty little secrets of design," frank fontana has great ideas to share with us. >> and what are we doing today on the eve of the olympics. >> we're going to start out with something that's really nothing, a shipping pallet, which i've turned into an americana theme. this is a shipping pallet. you find it in the gutter. >> i love the flag motif. >> absolutely, "good america." >> i love the way you did this. >> i didn't want it so kitchy with stars and -- so kitchy with stars and stuff. people ask, how do you line up your letters perfectly across. get your stencil and before you start, get a ruler and draw yourself a pencil light line. mark your guide up, and stay with that, you'll never have a problem. >> all right. that seems simple, even for hodie. >> winesday wednesday. i know you save the corks from your wine bottles. >> we give them to charity. >> i'm sure you do.
2:43 am
like this. we're going to create this, a nice little cork-themed coaster. so i found some picture frames that are 3 kp 5. cheapie $2. pour this cement in and wine corks, i make a pattern. i know you will say, what if it's uneven. >> it's supposed to be. >> your wineglass might tip over. >> i made it so that the wine glass just sits on the lip of the wood so you're covered. >> it sits on the lip of the wood! >> this works because it fits perfectly. but if it didn't, you know what i'm saying? >> hoda, why do you care? you're not going to make it. >> you're right. >> you're not going to make it. >> but you are going to make something today. >> this is an old tequila box i love. jose q uervo, one of my favorites. i love i kept this for year, how
2:44 am
can i reuse it. i got decorative white sand. you have all this stuff. >> you have people that do that kind of strange -- >> like "sanford & son." strange things. you take fake flowers, line it with plastic on the bottom. what you guys can't see, on the inside i printed out the species of flower and how to maintain it. >> stop it! >> that's a nice gift. >> a little twist, right? >> it's a twist, but make it real flowers. frank, come on. >> we're on tv. lazy. this is one of my favorites diy projects. it's an old cigar box i converted into a lamp. >> how did you do that? >> look on the inside. i ran some wires. it's magic, hoda. switch that and boom. instant cigar box, perfect for the guy in your life. >> who wouldn't want that? >> i bet frank would want that. >> not after 26 years with me he wouldn't. no, no. >> this is a really cool project. i thought you would like this. it has a literary element to it. you take your old hard-bound books like this, drill some
2:45 am
holes into it, take the cigars from that, which are the tubes here, insert them into that and get yourselves some nice real flowers like those. >> are those real? >> look at the water driplets. >> those are not real! >> oh, my god, that's fake water. >> they're echo -- eco-friendly. this is the first official diy throw-down right now on the show. kathie lee versus hoda right here. put your goggles on. >> but your goggles on. >> you're going to drill one dead center. i'm afraid to get between you guys. stick it in there. >> this one? >> yep. >> hold the top down. get more trur, push, push, push! keep going. you have to get about a good inch of this. >> i have to get rid of you is what i have to do. >> get that in the hole and screw away! >> what did he just say? >> what! >> mine is broken.
2:46 am
>> keep going, put a little oomph into it. five more seconds of this. stop the screwing, ladies. >> now what? >> get your tubes and jam it in the hole. >> you know what? i'm a little -- this double entendre is really grossing me out. >> you guys are great at this. organize your flowers into a nice little display. >> this is one i don't even want to win. i don't want to win it. >> i don't know what happened. >> my job isn't that hard, is it? >> anyway. that's great. >> who wouldn't want this on the kitchen table, i'm telling you. >> do you notice how buff frank is getting? >> too buff. >> this is designer muscle here. get ready to pop your cork. oh, lord. >> food and wine's ray, thank the lord, with wines from all over the world, just when we can't take it anymore. and curtis stone is here! there you go, all right? do i win? >> you did, you won. >> why does she win?
2:47 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist crystal egger with the weather channel. a big weather day today, severe threat will be moving across the lakes. that will impact areas of pennsylvania, iowa, the interior northeast, even new york city. we'll have two rounds of severe weather today, one in the morning and another later in the day. it could impact the rush, also create delays at the airport, back into the plains, that severe threat exists also. 96 in kansas city today, breaking down the heat a little bit, that means we're out of the triple digits, but it's still hot in the nip90s, 101 in dalla going to be miserable for many people. the severe threat will remain here on friday, more isolated but damaging winds still a concern from the northeast down into the southeast. keep it tuned to the weather channel. we have our storm master dr. greg forbes. we will be all over the dangers
2:48 am
we're expecting in the next few days. friday's heat stays parked in the worst drought areas in the middle of the country. on saturday, a little quieter, lingering showers and thunderstorms along the eastern seaboard. then once we get to sunday, this is going to be our better weekend day across the majority of the country. if you're heading to the beaches in southern california, along the gulf coast, doesn't look all that bad. monday, severe weather isolated in the southeast, dry, hot in the nation's heartland, beginning to sound like a broken record, but we cannot get out of this pattern with an upper level high locked in right here. that's why the same weather is sticking with us week after week. on tuesday, more severe weather in the east, that pretty much is the trentd. we get most of the showers in areas that we don't necessarily need the rain. you can get the forecast weekday mornings. "wake up with all" on the weather channel with al and steph stephanie abrams. on car insurance by making one simple call,
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we are celebrating the olympics on this winesday wednesday with our own taste-off competition from wines around the world. >> we also can't get over frank fontana. we are going to have a competition here. and we will have our table test it's ray isle, and we adore him. editor of "food & wine" and everything else. >> you missed us at aspen.
2:51 am
>> i missed you at the food and wine class in aspen. a great event. >> we don't have high plans for this. >> i've got confidence in you. there's only one gold medal winner here so someone gets the silver. what you're doing is taste each wine and decide what country you think it's from. >> we have the flags. >> which is almost impossible because -- >> tell us about the first one. >> first one, sparkling, made from a combination of peinot an chardonnay. >> i will say the usa. california. sparkling. >> i will go with spain because of no reason whatsoever. >> what is it? >> france. >> no. i said america. >> but you put the french flag out. >> that's what i meant. i said red, white and blue. that's what i meant. >> my god. >> next wine.
2:52 am
slightly sweet like, you know -- >> i know. that's definitely from australia. >> which one is germany? i don't want to make a fool of myself again. >> that's germany. >> kathie lee wins. german risling. >> is this rigged? >> this is one of the things they try to prevent in the olympics, rigged games. next one, it's a chardonnay. could be from many countries. a lot of chardonnay grown in the world. >> that's definitely u.s. >> and? >> which is australia? i can't see that far. >> this is australia. >> i'll just say that for fun. >> hoda is catching up. the united states. ♪ la la la la la >> now we can --
2:53 am
>> you can always come back and grab a different flag. >> okay. >> garnotcha. >> god bless you. >> it happens to me. i'm not sure of the olympian level here necessarily. >> i'm going back to spain. where's spain? >> you have it. >> spain is the yellow and orange one. >> am i right? >> and it is spain. >> you make me sick. this is so rigged. >> you can still tie. >> no. because i have two flags. >> taste this wine. it's beautiful, wonderful. >> come on, hoda. >> i'm calling it france. >> did france already win? >> yes. >> what do we have left? >> we have italy. >> italy and what's the other choice? we have to go. >> italy. >> you win! >> yeah! kathie lee wins the gold. >> you should not drink on an empty stomach. let's see what happens.
2:54 am
we just did. our guy curtis stone is here! but first this is "today" on nbc. doesn't last long does it? listen. 5-hour energy lasts a whole lot of hours. so you can get a lot done without refills. it's packed with b-vitamins and nutrients to make it last. so don't just stand there holding your lattes, boys. make your move. we'll take the 5-hour energy. smart move. 5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy. have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day,
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it has zero calories for me, and a taste my family loves. ♪ i can't do without my kitchen man ♪ now on "cooking with curtis," our pal curtis stone is back in our kitchen and host of top chef masters on bravo. >> newly engaged with a
2:57 am
beautiful baby. >> 12 top chef masters will compete in the top cosmopolitan palace in sin city, also known as las vegas. looks like we have scallops. >> do you like scallops? >> oh, love them. especially nantucket. these look a little large from nantucket. >> these are from maine, actually. beautiful, beautiful scallops. all you do is put them in a hot pan with a little bit of olive oil. you do that with a tiny bit of sea salt, you don't need too much. they'll take just a few minutes and they'll be done. it's a quick dish. >> i don't like them mushy. a lot of people do. >> you like them less mushy. >> no, no. make them for hodie. i'm a nicer person than she is, go ahead. >> shallots? i've got ginger and lemon grass
2:58 am
garlic and some chili pepper. you throw all of that in. a lot of aromatic flavor going into this dish. you want to saute that a minute or so. i'm lucky i have a nice hot stovetop. a tiny bit more oil. you saute that just to get the flavors working. >> didn't you send this to us? >> yes. >> they're british scones and we love them. >> they're great. >> thank you. so next what you do is you add the coconut milk. people always associate coconut milk with curries and it being very rich. >> it's very healthy. >> very good for you. what we will do is put the coconut milk in and let those aeromatics flavor that. >> you're into smelly stuff these days. you've been smelling your baby's diapers a lot lately, is that why? >> i have actually. >> yeah. >> a little bit of fish sauce, which is the saltiness. and a little bit of lime. >> always makes me nervous to put in fish sauce. who knows where that fish has been, you know, think about it. >> kathie lee, stop that. >> she can't.
2:59 am
>> i can't. >> she can't. >> i'm so proud. never been so proud in my life for winning that one. >> should we turn these babies over? >> you turn it, kathie lee, just in case they spit. >> they are already thickened, baby. beautiful. >> you want that nice golden color, caramelization. good job. over here, what you do with the sauce is turn it off, let the flavors steep. over here i've got some baby corn and a few snap peas. so you just toss those together and you just want to get those nice and warm. they should be still nice and crunchy. i've got some i just did over here. >> i'm sorry. >> they go straight into the pan. kathie lee, could you bring that scallops down here? >> it's sticking like crazy, all right? sorry, honey. >> it's just cooked, which is perfect. you go ahead and put them straight into your pan. >> looks perfect. >> it's not


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